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The Victoria crime thread

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#8621 kafkaesque

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Posted Today, 08:11 AM

The black Chevy Cav turned out to be someone who was a customer at the shop.

#8622 3isenough

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Posted Today, 08:30 AM

From the TC article

“There is nothing to suggest she was the target of this attack,” said Oak Bay police Deputy Chief Ray Bernoties after receiving an update from the lead detective. This is the first time police have said the assault, which took place two months ago, was random.

Saanich police’s major crime section is handling the case, since Oak Bay contracts major investigations to the larger department.

“At this time, investigators are confident there are people in our community that have information about this horrific attack,” Bernoties said. “We’re asking for those people to come forward and talk with the investigators.”

On April 25 about 7:30 a.m., a 45-year-old woman heard noises in her kitchen and went down to investigate. She confronted the stranger in her home and he attacked her with what was described as a machete. She was able to call 911 despite serious injuries that required surgery.

The man fled, sparking a manhunt across the region.

It’s unclear if the man left on foot or in a vehicle or whether he stole anything. Police searched for the weapon, but have not said if one was found."


Sounds like a robbery in progress that was interrupted, he either didn't expect her to be home, or thought she'd still be sleeping hence why she wasn't a target and it was random. She heard noises and went to investigate. Did she try to stop it or did he get scared when he got interrupted and attack?

The Police know much more than they are publicly releasing, and have said as much in the TC story by calling out to the community and saying there are people that know something and to come forward and talk to us.

The details of the attacker were released initially. White, heavy set in his 20s, blue bandana, jeans, hat, and a hoody I believe. Not much to go on, he was well disguised.

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#8623 Nparker

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Posted Today, 08:39 AM

...The vehicle is believed to have been used in connection with an armed pot shop robbery on Harriet Road.

Is it actually a crime when the business itself is illegal and technically shouldn't exist?

#8624 Mike K.

Mike K.
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Posted Today, 09:00 AM

The details of the attacker were released initially. White, heavy set in his 20s, blue bandana, jeans, hat, and a hoody I believe. Not much to go on, he was well disguised.


Hmm, that's the first time I've heard of a skin colour. I was able to track down a single reference to a Vic News article by a reporter that's been fielding some pretty heavy criticism over her less than stellar writing skills. My point isn't to criticize her, only that her writing style is peculiar and a little hard to consume.


Since no other media has referenced skin colour (I ran a cursory search, couldn't find a secondary reference, but there very well could be references to a white man somewhere out there), is it possible that detail in her article was a mistake?

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