Tallest construction crane in Victoria’s history to rise in Vic West

A Liebherr construction crane, similar to the one pictured above at the Atrium construction site in 2010, will rise higher than any crane in Victoria's history to build the Promontory tower. File photo © Skyscraper Source Media.

After five months of dynamiting a rocky outcropping overlooking Victoria’s Inner Harbour, excavation for the City of Victoria’s tallest building, the 21-storey (66.3 meter tall) Promontory tower in Vic West, is finally nearing completion.

But before construction crews can get to work and actually begin building the tower, a construction crane, and in this case perhaps the tallest such crane ever erected in Victoria, will first be assembled.

The German-built Liebherr free-standing construction crane will hover above workers at a height equal to two-thirds of Mount Tolmie, or 83.8 meters.  The crane’s operator will sit a little lower at  74.7 meters.

“It is very, very likely this crane will be the tallest ever erected [in Victoria],” confirmed Ian MacKenzie of Axiom Builders, a Burnaby-based construction contractor in charge of the Promontory project.

In the 1960’s when Victoria’s current tallest tower (22-storey Orchard House) was constructed it would have been with the use of a climbing crane. The way that technology works is the crane rises with the growing tower and always hovers two or three floors above the floorplate. Using hydraulic lifts, the crane climbs just high enough to give crews the space they need to work. Even at it’s full raised height, though, it is doubtful the crane would have stood anywhere near 84 meters above ground.

At the Promontory site the giant Liebherr will be free-standing, meaning it will be erected to full height from the start of construction and stay at that height until disassembly in early 2014. This will give the public a sense of the final tower’s height at build-out well ahead of its scheduled completion date.

Those wanting to observe the crane erection should expect activity in the second or third week of June, said MacKenzie.  He adds that the process will be a “sight to behold” as individual pieces of the mast are bolted together followed by attaching the slewing unit (the component that allows the crane to rotate) and finally placing the elongated boom (which allows for horizontal movement of the crane’s pulley).  The entire erection process — weather permitting — will likely take two days to complete. VV

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Gary H

Nov 06, 2013 at 6:10 pm

While the webcam may not show much change, there has been steady progress. Here are some pics from today.

Windows on the upper floor of the townhouses:

Lobby windows!

Parking stair access sun-room?

Yup, looks like the enclosure over the stair access to the parking structure will be all glass - very cool! :thumbsup:

That's a large HVAC system in the distance waiting to be installed on the roof:

It even comes shrink wrapped!

The architectural trellis (to be installed on the roof) has arrived.

Looks like it should have been shrink-wrapped as it got nicked in shipment.


Nov 09, 2013 at 9:27 am

A different view of the two story lobby windows:


Glass being installed in the stairwell enclosures:
I wonder what the enclosure roof material will be?





Nov 10, 2013 at 1:50 pm

November 10th, 2013.


Mike K.

Nov 10, 2013 at 2:54 pm

That's a great photo, Marko.


Nov 13, 2013 at 8:50 am

Quote: November Th, 2013.


Hi Marko, that's a beautiful picture!!
Do you have an idea of how much an upper floor "A" unit can be rented for?? Yearly, non furnished. Thanks, Teresa.

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