Vic PD unveils new police car; coat of arms

Victoria Police Department Chief Jamie Graham unveiled the force’s new police cruiser in a ceremony today at Ship Point in the Inner Harbour.

Also shown off for the first time was the department’s new coat-of-arms, which will be the new visual identity for the force and will be seen on police vehicles and officers’ uniforms.

The new black-and-white colour scheme is actually a throwback to popular earlier designs. Photo by Robert Randall ©

The 2010 Dodge Charger is the first of six cruisers Vic PD will purchase this year. Over the next three years, all 21 police cars will be new Dodges. Chief Graham describes the Charger as the “most fiscally responsible” choice because of the car’s combination of reliability, efficiency and fuel economy.

The blank-and-white-painted Charger replaces the long-time workhorse of the department, the Ford Crown Victoria.

The interior features a more efficent computer set-up and a roomier interior. Back seat passengers may beg to differ. Photo by Robert Randall ©

Vic PD Sergeant Darrell Fairburn was involved in the search for a new cruiser and according to him, the requirement for an eight cylinder, four door car left very few viable candidates.

Victoria Police Chief Jamie Graham gets ready to unveil the new cruiser. The redesigned coat-of-arms features a wolf crest by artist Butch Dick. Photo by Robert Randall ©

The force felt the Chrysler product had the best combination of power, economy and comfort. The big V-8 engine provides reliable power when needed but Fairburn explains the new “smart engine” technology can shut down four cylinders for more efficient operation when cruising around town.

Other comforts include a roomier front seat and the ability to put the officers’ laptop computers in the trunk. Cops can then type reports more comfortably in the cabin with a swing-away keyboard and screen.

Meanwhile, Saanich Police have no plans to abandon the venerable Crown Victoria. The department recently put in an order for seven of the last Crown Victorias before the name is retired to be reborn in 2012 as a new Ford interceptor. However, the new CVs will actually be built on the Ford Taurus unibody platform, meaning Saanich will own some of the last body-on-frame police vehicles made.

Replacing the existing Vic PD crest with its toga-clad goddesses, the new crest features Neptune’s trident, representing the Island, and the dogwood flower surrounded by golden maple leaves. First Nations artist Butch Dick contributed the wolf design to the new crest. The wolf is known as the protector in the Coast Salish tradition. The coat-of-arms was created with the help of the Canadian Heraldic Authority in Ottawa.

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Mike K.

Nov 12, 2013 at 4:23 pm

I suppose there are some six non-emergency numbers throughout the CRD? :whyme:


Nov 12, 2013 at 4:26 pm

Quote: I suppose there are some six non-emergency numbers throughout the CRD? :whyme:

Ya, but you call 911, they give you a bit of grief, then they transfer you, I don't think it's a really a huge issue.


Nov 12, 2013 at 4:31 pm

Quote: Yes the guy was caught, and had warrants, in other provinces. For same type of acts. So when children I feel are in harm danger, if non violent, I will still use 911.

I agree. It is not for us to decide whether it is unsafe or safe for kids to watch. If it's not reported, then the word will get out that it's okay for all the pricks to hang out down at the local school yard.


Nov 12, 2013 at 6:01 pm

From the vic pd website.

Quote: 911 should only be called for situations involving a crime in progress, or an imminent threat to life, bodily injury, or major property damage or loss.

So I would say that a guy masturbating in public counts as a crime in progress, therefore a valid reason to call.

Bob Fugger

Nov 12, 2013 at 6:37 pm

Quote: So after the first 2 smash and grabs your office installed 24 hour video systems right? The cost of the systems would have been a great investment and probably cheaper than paying for a 3rd window and computer.

Just check them and see who did it.

Post the video here

I too would like to see the video of the thief smashing and grabbing the computer to 1000% unequivocally prove HB's ROI on the video surveillance system. Bonus points if the bill for the system and/or monitoring arrived on the same day as the break-in.

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