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Posted 22 April 2024 - 02:31 PM

What is it with Masons hating humans so much?  :confused:


You can make an argument humans aren't the dunbest lifeforms on the planet, lol? War, greed, endless exploitation of our global environment, the singular unique inability to get along with virtually every other species on the planet, not to mention our own species....the list is endless.


Anyone with any knowledge of - anything - knows or should know you don't introduce an invasive species into another ecosystem. Good god as if native fish like salmon and trout don't have enough to contend with, largely our doing, for someone to do this - and don't tell me it was an "accident", it was either plain stupidity or more likely a "IDGAF" mentality - if they were ever caught they should be fined five different ways from Wednesday and even face some jail-time if I had my way. 

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