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CRD Recycling/garbage

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Posted 29 July 2020 - 05:16 AM

ROGP or Rejects of Glass & Plastics Technology is an innovative approach that repurposes plastics, once labeled as non-recyclable materials due to technical complexity or economy-related issues.




Offering a solution that meets technical, environmental and economic requirements for sustainable use of all 80+ types of plastic waste, including mixed plastics, this particular ROGP technology recycles plastics (all 7 major plastic codes) and glass (all types of glass) into a “durable and price competitive new material which has numerous applications”, especially in the construction industry.  




Current global challenges with existing recycling technologies include the impossibility to process mixed plastics due to their chemical composition, the need to segregate the materials and establish different recycling lines, the high energy consumption as well as the cost. Moreover, for glass, considered infinitely recyclable, low recycling rates are due to sorting difficulties, transportation obstacles, and expensive processes. On that note, ROGP, operated by Development Inc., is one single technology that can at the same time, recycle all 80+ types of plastics and all types of glass, and generate a composite from the rejects of glass and plastic.




this is the best part:





Positive Environnemental Impact

  • Infinitely recyclable
  • Energy-efficient process
  • Negligible micro-particle loss
  • Minimal air pollution and CO2 emission

Low Production Cost

  • 40% cheaper than wooden boards
  • 50% cheaper than resin
  • 70% cheaper than granite







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