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Downtown Boundaries

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Mike K.
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Posted 06 May 2021 - 08:40 PM

Every year we have housing access and affordability initiatives, every year housing gets more expensive.

In the time I’ve been plugged into the situation the CoV has raised densities, lowered parking requirements, mandated affordability subsidies, introduced garden suites, permitted micro-suites, made secondary suites legal, nixed short term rentals and loosened zoning restrictions but it still takes 2-5 years for projects to get approved now as it did then.

That’s either half or an entire post-secondary education, or nearly the length of WWII. We wonder why housing is so expensive, and we figure out new theories to try, but if it takes you 36 months to get a project through it doesn’t matter how much good will the municipality has, you’re going to have to recoup three years of significant expenses before the first nail gets costed in for a 2.5 year construction project.
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