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Nicola Wade | Saanich Council

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#21 Model80

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Posted 13 November 2011 - 10:44 AM

I worked for and with Nichola Wade for 10 years during my tenure in government and I agree with Jasmine's assessment of Nichola.

To reiterate: "I have not once said I agree or disagree with any suggestions that Ms. Wade may have personality or style shortcomings."

I have only the words in front of me to form an opinion. However, neither you nor Jasmine contribute any clarity with your diametrically opposed views.

Jasmine says; "Nichola Wade treats her staff and co-workers with care and respect. She genuinely cares for both the personal and professional lives of her staff in a way that I have not seen in either the public or private sector."

You say you agree with Jasmine but then go on to state: "The 'wrath' that Bob F refers to (secondhand) may stem from the fact that Nichola does not suffer fools nor those who coast in their 'secure' jobs in government. ..... I never tolerated it and neither did Nichola."

It's starting to look like Bob Fugger casts the tie-breaking vote.

Further, if the management style you so readily ascribe to Ms. Wade and yourself is correct, neither of you could have "inspired" those around you "to work as hard as they can". Meaningful behaviour modification in the workplace is not accomplished by cracking a whip.

#22 VicDave

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 09:16 AM

Interesting forum this!

I worked directly with Nichola Wade for several years and my experience was an extremely positive one. She was professional, productive and treated everybody with respect. No she doesn't suffer fools and quite frankly - why should she or anybody else!

#23 spanky123

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 09:24 AM

Welcome to Vibrant Victoria Max13

The power of an anonymous BB service :-)

#24 Sparky



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Posted 15 November 2011 - 11:23 AM

^^ Welcome to Vibrant Victoria VicDave.

#25 Model80

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Posted 16 November 2011 - 08:21 AM

No she doesn't suffer fools and quite frankly - why should she or anybody else!

Why indeed. But don't stop there. Why not expand the intolerance to reasons beyond, in your opinion, the employees are not as smart as you? And, of course, don't forget to use this misguided sense of superiority to rationalize your actions.

The concept that workplace productivity is gained through forceful methods went out with galley ships. That kind of supervision means the organization has a problem at the top, and it's only solved by removal of the problem and the insertion of a problem-solver.

Saanich Council is not going to be improved by inserting another arrogant "I'm smarter than everyone else" attitude. With Leonard, Gerrard and Brice we already have our fill.

#26 kenjh

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Posted 18 November 2011 - 08:02 PM

as I grow older ,and trust government less ..I enjoy learning by listening and reading ,and I find this type of discourse entertaining and informative ,to both sides thank you .I have made it a point to vote at all costs ...seldom for the favorite , the good people burn out trying to correct a broken system ,the incompetent seem to stay forever ..but some of the good keep trying and it is good to hear of them ,it makes my choice easier ..

#27 Model80

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Posted 19 November 2011 - 02:20 AM

I have made it a point to vote at all costs ...

And that's what is most important - exercising your right to vote, however you have decided, after thoughtful deliberation.


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