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The Victoria crime thread

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#21781 Nparker

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Posted 20 June 2024 - 03:40 PM

Someone apparently barricaded themself in one of the apartments run by Cool Aid in the 700 block of Pandora. A weapon is thought to have been involved. It seems the post-cheque day mayhem is worse than usual this week.

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Posted 20 June 2024 - 05:36 PM

Former Nanaimo junior hockey player found not guilty of sexual assault

Jun 20, 2024 

NANAIMO — A former local junior hockey player has been acquitted on a sexual assault charge following a trial.

Screenshot 2024-06-20 18.27.21.png
Justice Douglas Thompson announced the verdict in B.C. Supreme Court in Nanaimo on Thursday, June 20, following a recent trial against Kenneth Leslie Boychuk, 20, of Edmonton, Alberta.

The judge concluded the complainant made several inaccurate and embellished statements during the police investigation and at the trial linked to an alleged violent sexual attack against a then 17-year-old girl at her Nanaimo home on Jan 31, 2023. Boychuk was 18 at the time.

“I want it to be clearly understood that I do not make a positive finding that the alleged sexual assault did not happen. The evidence leads me to significant uncertainty about which parts of the complainant’s evidence can be counted upon as reliable.”

The judge said conflicting statements of how some of her bruises formed, claims which she recounted about losing consciousness several times during the incident, along with false claims to police that the Buccaneers organization had been made aware and vice versa.

“I conclude that the complainant's statement to police that the accused forced her medication down her throat and made her drink water are exaggerated and false narrative details created by the complainant,” Justice Thompson said.

The judge also referenced retracted statements by the complainant to her sister the encounter with Boychuk was consensual and to her father and friends her bruises were the result of running into a door frame and being head-butted by her dog.

“…the physical evidence does not match up with the complainant’s evidence about the degree and type of force applied,” Justice Thompson said while reading aloud a 25-minute long verdict.

Despite various inconsistencies, the judge determined the complainant to be a composed, patient and a forthcoming witness at trial.
Screenshot 2024-06-20 19.27.05.png

"The rate of conviction is minimal...burden of proof on victims (of sexual assault) is so high...it's egregious, almost impossible" - CHEK News


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Posted 20 June 2024 - 10:48 PM

pontcanna said:



7:19 PM · Jun 19, 2024

At about 5:40 pm officers responded to a report that a man had been stabbed in Centennial Square. The victim was transported to hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Officers quickly apprehended the suspect, who is now in custody - no risk to the public. #yyj

Same date, charge fits. Born 1973, CSO from 2014. VicPD didn't quote the case number, but court info shows #24-21535, so caveat emptor. In custody, video court tomorrow (Port Alberni).


Screenshot 2024-06-20 23.34.54.png



#21784 pontcanna

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Posted 20 June 2024 - 11:25 PM

Prolific Nanaimo offender Aiden David TYE, born 1985 (he threw a brick at a pregnant woman last year, was blowing a guy during the day on a park bench with families walking by around the same time, got time served) is back in trouble, in Saanich this time, a few weeks ago. Assault PO CBH, assault to resist arrest, etc. Be interesting to see what the courts come up with.


Screenshot 2024-06-21 00.18.15.png


CHEK story last year: https://www.cheknews...anaimo-1144141/

#21785 pontcanna

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Posted 21 June 2024 - 09:32 AM

Dear Suspect,

@saanichpolice would like to thank you for walking right by the camera so they could get this great picture of you!

As you illegally entered the apartment building in the 3900 block of Shelbourne St did you realise that you were about to become infamous?
Screenshot 2024-06-21 10.24.56.png
As you stole the multiple Amazon packages from the mail area were you playing guess what's in the box?

The police are keen to find out what you stole and we are hoping you bring the haul with you when you hand yourself in at Saanich Police station.

In the event our "Dear Suspect" doesn't take up the invitation to right the very big wrong they have committed, we are asking for our fabulous followers to tell us who he is.

You will remain anonymous, whilst his identity is revealed. Call 1-800-222-8477 or submit a tip online at www.victoriacrimestoppers.ca

File: #24-10198


#21786 pontcanna

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Posted 21 June 2024 - 06:42 PM

Interesting that court didn't appoint an "amicus curiae" or similar to work with Omar...the perception could be that he was left helpless in the face of a life sentence. Competent counsel would certainly have tried for manslaughter...we'll see if there is an appeal, plus of course there's the issue of parole eligibility - anybody know if there are immigration issues here?

Man found guilty of 2nd degree murder outside Lucky Bar

A 29-year-old man has been found guilty of second-degree murder for the stabbing death of another man outside Victoria’s Lucky Bar in 2022.

Late Friday afternoon, a jury found Mohamed Omar guilty of killing 30-year-old John Dickinson outside the bar in March 2022.


Next appearance is July 10 to set a date for sentencing (T-C).


More: https://www.timescol...own-bar-9121466

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Posted 23 June 2024 - 02:02 PM


2:25 PM · Jun 23, 2024

Officers are currently responding to an incident at Oaklands Park. There is no risk to the public but families are advised to avoid the park for now. #yyj


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Posted 23 June 2024 - 02:47 PM

Stolen backpack leads to 15 month jail sentence


North Cowichan/Duncan



File # 2024-3650


 Quick actions by the North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP Community Safety Unit lead to the arrest of a 26 year old man who stole a backpack from inside a local Duncan school.


On March 8th 2024 at 2:43 pm, police were called to the 400 block of Beech Ave in Duncan, after a man was witnessed inside the school with a student’s backpack in hand. The man was followed out of the school by teachers where a parent stopped him and got the bag back.


"North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP officer arrived on scene, obtained an image of the suspect, and from his experience working in the area was able to quickly locate him and take him into custody", said Constable Julie Miller, media relations officer for North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP.  The suspect, 26 year-old Rylan McLeod, was convicted and received a jail sentence of 15 months, and 3 years of probation. North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP appreciates the community keeping a watchful eye out, and reporting suspicious activity.


Released by:


Cst Julie Miller
Media Relations Officer
North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP

#21789 pontcanna

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Posted 23 June 2024 - 08:01 PM

-Certainly no slick PR spin from the company :)
Vandal smashes home window and damages car of Union Bay blog author

Jun. 23, 2024 

There’s bizarre drama unfolding in Union Bay, where a woman living there says her blog is sparking major debate and now violence.

It was just before 3:30 a.m. Sunday when Mary Reynolds, who lives in Union Bay, awoke from her sleep.

“I just heard breaking glass, and I jumped up, and I could see the window was broken, and I looked out, and I could see somebody on a bike going down the street there, but it was just a dark figure,” said Reynolds.

Once it was light, Reynolds discovered that the vandal had also smashed the windshield of her car, damaged and left three tires flat, scratched the side of her car, and stole a surveillance camera that would’ve captured what happened.
Screenshot 2024-06-23 20.25.38.png
Reynolds also found a metal object that had been thrown through the front window of her home.

The 74-year-old reported it to Comox Valley RCMP, who confirmed they’re now investigating.

She uses her blog, ‘All Things Union Bay,’ to spotlight what’s happening in her community.
Screenshot 2024-06-23 20.46.29.png
She’s behind a drone that takes video nearly daily of what’s happening at Deep Water Recovery, the controversial company that’s been breaking up ships for recycling.

“This is the tactics they use if they don’t like what you’re saying or exposing. They can never come at me with any facts,” said Reynolds.

In a statement, Deep Water Recovery’s owner says, “Mary Reynolds is a person that has caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people. It’s not surprising.”
Screenshot 2024-06-23 20.47.49.png
The statement goes on to say Reynolds “has made a career out of causing tremendous trouble for decent hardworking people…”

Reynolds’s home was damaged once before in 2017, when a vehicle rammed her house, and someone cracked the front window with a rock. 

#21790 Matt R.

Matt R.

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Posted 23 June 2024 - 08:13 PM

So much drama.

#21791 Victoria Watcher

Victoria Watcher

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Posted 24 June 2024 - 12:18 AM

Hundreds of mourners gathered at a vigil in Surrey Bend Regional Park Saturday evening to honour Tori Dunn, who was killed in the city’s Port Kells neighbourhood last weekend.






The couple were sitting on the couch, and Tori was starting to fall asleep, Aron said. Trafford was in the bathroom when he heard a “blood-curdling scream.”


He ran out to find another man in their home, cornering Tori against a wall, he said. The attacker fled when he saw Trafford, but he had already stabbed Tori.


“She knew she was dying,” the grieving father said. “Her last words were: ‘At least we don’t have to go to work tomorrow.’”


“That’s just who she was,” he said. “I think she was trying to make it easier for him.”


Police arrested a suspect nearby, who remains in custody for an unrelated charge but has not yet been charged with Tori’s killing, according to the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team.





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#21792 Mike K.

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Posted 24 June 2024 - 07:04 AM

Good lord.

Know it all.
Citified.ca is Victoria's most comprehensive research resource for new-build homes and commercial spaces.

#21793 pontcanna

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Posted 24 June 2024 - 11:23 AM

Nanaimo man charged with child luring, sexual assault to appear in Calgary court

Jun. 24, 2024 

A 29-year-old Vancouver Island man is in custody facing various charges, including child luring, following an investigation by RCMP in Alberta.

Callum Tanner Stewart, 29, of Nanaimo, is being charged with child luring, sexual assault and failing to comply with a release order, according to Mounties in a news release.

Police discovered the youth had been lured on social media prior to the alleged assault.

Stewart is also before the courts in B.C. for possession and distribution of child **rnography.

More: https://www.cheknews...-court-1211048/

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Posted 24 June 2024 - 11:27 AM

Port Hardy RCMP seize large quantity of drugs and cash


File #2024-2034

The Port Hardy RCMP continue to investigate after a search warrant resulted in the seizure of a significant amount of illicit drugs and cash.

On June 20, 2024 Port Hardy RCMP officers initiated a drug trafficking investigation and arrested two individuals in a vehicle near Granville Street and Highway 19. Evidence recovered from the vehicle led officers to execute a search warrant at a location in the 4000 block of Byng Road, Port Hardy. A search of the premises was carried out in the evening of June 20, 2024 and resulted in the seizure of approximately 1.3 kilograms of drugs and over $20,000 in cash.

A detailed report will be submitted to the Public Prosecution Services of Canada requesting charge approval.

The Port Hardy RCMP detachment remains focused on targeting and disrupting illicit drug trafficking in our community, stated acting Detachment Commander, Sergeant Trevor Busch.

RCMP urges anyone who may have information regarding drug trafficking or other criminal activity to please contact and report such information to the local Police Detachment.

Released by:

Sgt. Trevor Busch
Acting Detachment Commander
Port Hardy RCMP

#21795 mbjj

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Posted 24 June 2024 - 03:05 PM

That stabbing is awful. I hadn't heard that there was another person in the house at the time. I always keep our doors locked. 

#21796 Mike P.

Mike P.
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Posted 24 June 2024 - 04:55 PM

Another regular, pages full of charges. How is a stabbing not "attempted murder"?

pontcanna said:



7:19 PM · Jun 19, 2024

At about 5:40 pm officers responded to a report that a man had been stabbed in Centennial Square. The victim was transported to hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Officers quickly apprehended the suspect, who is now in custody - no risk to the public. #yyj

Same date, charge fits. Born 1973, CSO from 2014. VicPD didn't quote the case number, but court info shows #24-21535, so caveat emptor. In custody, video court tomorrow (Port Alberni).


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#21797 pontcanna

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Posted 24 June 2024 - 07:37 PM

Greater Victoria man gets 3.5 years in prison linked to $400K drug bust in 2019

Jason Van Winkle was sentenced on charges related to three separate arrests, but given leniency for working toward addiction recovery

Screenshot 2024-06-24 20.20.36.png
This is the haul that was found at Jason Van Winkle's house by Saanich police in 2019. 

A man convicted of numerous drug trafficking offences — including those related to a bust in 2019 in which police seized roughly $400,000 worth of cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine and cash — was given three-and-a-half years in prison by a Victoria judge on Monday, June 24.

Screenshot 2024-06-24 20.14.50.png
FB circa 2019
B.C. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Saunders said of the crimes that 48-year-old Jason Van Winkle was charged that it "is no doubt the tip of the iceberg in terms of his involvement in the drug trade" at the time of his arrests.

That being said, Saunders noted the extensive efforts Van Winkle has made in recovering from drug addiction over the past two years, using this as a justification to reduce his sentence from what would otherwise have been a six-and-a-half years prison term.

Van Winkle also receives credit for time served and will therefore only be forced to spend just under two more years behind bars. 

Noting both Van Winkle's recovery work and childhood trauma in his sentence, Saunders also considered the man's long criminal history that includes a manslaughter conviction in 2012 resulting form the death of a man he assaulted in a Rock Bay motel room in 2011. He was given three years behind bars for that offence.

All told, police found over 3 kilograms of drugs — this included 1.4 kilos of cocaine, one kilo of which was in brick form and was 83 per cent pure — worth an estimated $350,000, as well as $40,000 in cash, $25,000 in stolen property and weapons that included a baton and two replica firearms.

Fast forward to May of 2021, Van Winkle was out on bail when police responded to a report of a verbal dispute between a man and a woman at a Langford gas station. The couple were in a car, and when police followed them back to a house, they identified the driver as Van Winkle, who they alleged was "highly intoxicated."

The judge also went over Van Winkle's long effort at recovery from drug addiction that has followed the 2021 overdose death of his girlfriend, that included him getting into the New Roads residential treatment centre in Oct. 2022, and maintaining sobriety since.

A major hiccup in this recovery came in February this year when Van Winkle was arrested on a domestic violence charge. That charge was stayed, and Saunders said he is satisfied it does not represent a return to his former behaviour. He has been held in custody since, however.

In imposing his sentence, Saunders recommended he be considered as a candidate for the Guthrie Therapeutic Community at the Nanaimo Correctional Centre.


#21798 pontcanna

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Posted 25 June 2024 - 04:23 PM

Nanaimo RCMP looking for man with a province-wide warrant for assault by choking

Jun 25, 2024 

NANAIMO — Police say 29-year-old Dalton Vanance is wanted on an unendorsed BC-wide warrant for a charge of assault by choking.


Screenshot 2024-06-25 13.46.41.png
Vanance is described as a Caucasian male, 6′ 1”, 170 lbs with black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the Nanaimo RCMP or Crimestoppers.

File: #2023-38829

#21799 pontcanna

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Posted 25 June 2024 - 04:32 PM

Traffic stops lead to search warrants in Lake Cowichan


A pair of traffic stops by the Lake Cowichan RCMP has resulted in an ongoing drug trafficking investigation and search warrant execution.

In January 2024, RCMP investigators stopped a vehicle in Youbou which resulted in a seizure of drugs, cash, and weapons. As a result of that investigation, a 39-year-old Lake Cowichan resident has been charged with one count of Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking and a weapons offense.

In early June, officers responded to a complaint of a male asleep at the wheel of a vehicle in the 100 block of Cowichan Lake Road in Lake Cowichan. From that vehicle, police seized additional drugs and cash, and a second man was taken into custody.

On June 20, 2024, Lake Cowichan RCMP frontline officers, with the assistance of the Vancouver Island Emergency Response Team, executed two search warrants on separate residences in Lake Cowichan, recovering further evidence related to this investigation.

Substance abuse and addiction has a hugely negative impact on our communities, and Lake Cowichan is not immune. We are committed to holding drug traffickers responsible, and we thank the public for reporting suspicious activities which have aided this important work, said Constable Smith of the Lake Cowichan RCMP.

The investigations remain ongoing, and anyone with information is asked to contact the Lake Cowichan RCMP at 250-749-6668.

Released by:

S/Sgt. Kris Clark
Senior Media Relations Officer
BC RCMP Communication Services

#21800 pontcanna

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Posted 25 June 2024 - 04:37 PM

Screenshot 2024-06-25 17.34.59.png

Screenshot 2024-06-25 17.35.33.png

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