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854-880 Pandora Avenue
Uses: rental, commercial
Address: 854-880 Pandora Avenue
Municipality: Victoria
Region: Downtown Victoria
Storeys: 20
854-880 Pandora Avenue is a 20-storey rental and retail tower proposal to redevelop two properties along the 8... (view full profile)
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[Downtown] 854-880 Pandora Avenue | Rentals; retail | 20-storeys

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#41 aastra

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Posted 03 November 2023 - 12:15 PM


I think this building will be a part of gentrifying the "blight" away.


I don't know if that's the goal. I feel like it might be more about permanently entrenching the current situation by adding a veneer of normalcy/legitimacy to it all. So that it looks less like a neglected no man's land, but otherwise continues basically as is. Methinks the other towers on Pandora would be elements of this same effort.


Here's the thing: if the authorities are going to continue to pursue orchestrated chaos re: addiction, homelessness, etc. in designated districts then this actually might not be a bad direction for the Pandora scene. It could end up functioning as a kind of compromise whereby the self-destruction and all of the other bad stuff is still there, but the bad stuff no longer dominates everything else like it has for the past several years. A prettier, kinder, cleaner, safer, and more inclusive kind of no man's land, if you will.

#42 aastra

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Posted 03 November 2023 - 12:21 PM

Even the bike lane is part of that compromise, methinks.

#43 Nparker

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Posted 05 November 2023 - 03:18 PM

Suddenly the south water views from the Abbey project just got a lot worse.

I'm not sure the views around the existing Sandpiper building will be all that impressive anyway.




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