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The Victoria Economy Thread

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#861 Banksy

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Posted 20 March 2021 - 12:42 PM

I smell panic from intelligentsia frightened by suburbs thriving and inner cities descending into poverty and crime at the hands of woke socialist masters who promised utopia but delivered tragedy all in a matter of several years. A UVic prof says the McKenzie interchange was a waste of money and we should instead live in pod communities that densify through what looks like imminent domain forcing larger properties to accommodate infill density for the good of humanity with housing growth matching a blanket 1.5% growth rate in every municipality. This is like communist Russia where the state decides on growth rates and housing.

Quote in TC https://www.timescol...ange-1.24294174

How about transportation? Well, we wouldn’t waste $100 million on a pointless highway interchange at McKenzie that just encourages urban sprawl and ­commuting. First, we would moderately intensify ­housing fairly, using the 1.5 per cent ­principle proposed by Todd Litman of Cities for Everyone. Since the region’s population grows by 1.5 per cent annually, each ­municipality and neighbourhood should grow that much.
This should be achieved not by building high-rise condo towers downtown but by sensitive in-filling to create “moderate-priced housing in walkable neighbourhoods,” says Litman, with traditional-looking but more dense homes. Look at the recently approved ASH (affordable, sustainable ­housing) project on Richardson Street in Victoria and similar innovative proposals for what has been called gentle densification.

#862 Mike K.

Mike K.
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Posted 21 March 2021 - 07:39 AM

Vancouverites are certainly coming to terms with increased street issues.

But I’m curious why the public is putting the onus on society to perceive the issues differently, when fundamentally the failures are at the hands of provincial and federal governments. You can only ask a person to turn a blind eye to crime and disorder for so long.

Know it all.
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