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South Island Aboriginal and First Nations issues and discussion

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#181 Coreyburger

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Posted 10 April 2019 - 04:01 PM

Interestingly, right beside the old Molson site, which was sold to Concord Pacific back in 2016.


Which is the in the regional industrial reserve, so building housing on it will be very difficult if not impossible.

#182 spanky123

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Posted 11 April 2019 - 06:46 AM

The property exists outside of zoning restrictions and there is no requirement for a development permit. They'll negotiate with the City on connecting to and upgrading infrastructure, but that's about it really. Vancouver Council will have very limited involvement, and will have a very hard time putting up resistance to 3,000 housing units, most of which will be rentals.


The City though is under no obligation to connection them to City services on FN terms though right?


I am not saying that this won't get built, just that claims appearing in the MSM that the FN can build whatever they want and there is no recourse are not entirely correct. I note that since this story broke in the MSM yesterday, the narrative has changed from we can do whatever we want to we are owed this for reconciliation.

#183 amor de cosmos

amor de cosmos


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Posted Today, 08:12 AM

The woman’s letter said she found the remains on rock piles that were all over the place and that she “would try to get them a couple of skulls, so they can have them in their house for fashion as well,” Hinkley said.

Those rock piles were actually burial cairns, and the pilfering is one of the many reasons why Hinkley has found Cowichan artifacts and remains from Russia to the U.K. and from Israel to South Africa.

That search has been helped with a repatriation grant from the Royal B.C. Museum, which recently changed its policies to no longer collect or study ancestral remains.

The museum has also announced that anything it acquired from Indigenous Peoples during the anti-potlatch years, from 1885 to 1951, will be considered eligible for repatriation because it was obtained at a time of duress.

During those years, the federal government banned potlatch ceremonies, which were important social events where valuable gifts were given to show generosity and status over rivals.

The government saw the events as anti-Christian and a waste of personal property.

Lou-Ann Neel, the repatriation specialists for the Royal B.C. Museum, said that by the time the ban was lifted, much Indigenous wealth had been lost.

“Our regalia was gone, our masks were gone. Some of them were burnt by missionaries, some of them were just taken and confiscated. So you can’t hold a potlatch without these treasures,” said Neel, who is part of the Mamalilikulla and Kwagiulth people in Alert Bay.

Neel said the loss of their belongings started with the colonial belief that Indigenous people were endangered and dying out. “That really sparked a collecting frenzy that sent out people: anthropologists, military, adventurers or self-proclaimed pioneers. [They] just felt like they had permission because the general sense across Canada and the U.S. was that ‘Indians’ would soon been gone.”


#184 tjv

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Posted Today, 08:32 AM

222 aboriginal chiefs and counselors from First Nations communities across Canada earn more money than their provincial premiers, and 82 make more than the prime minister.

That was in 2010. So I’d say at least 222 bands are corrupt.

I can't speak for every band, but I know one FN community who found a chief who was 1/16 native (or something like that), a CEO of a large corporation and they paid him heavily to come and run the band for them.  His salary was largely based on the income he brought in and quickly turned the reserve into a money making machine so much so they built a $10+ million community centre without any government assistance


I would say that chief deserves more money that a Premier or Prime Minister


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