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Duck's Building
Use: condo
Address: 1314-1324 Broad Street
Municipality: Victoria
Region: Downtown Victoria
Storeys: 7
Condo units: 108 (studio/bachelor, 1BR, 2BR)
Sales status: in planning
The seven-storey historic Duck's Building development is comprised of 108-units of condominium residences and ... (view full profile)
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[Downtown Victoria] Duck's Block | renovation, redevelopment | Proposed

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#121 Nparker

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Posted 22 January 2019 - 04:43 PM

When did this version come about?



This project is starting to get the Northern Junk feel: each new iteration is worse than the last.  :whyme:

#122 Rob Randall

Rob Randall
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Posted 22 January 2019 - 04:50 PM

It seems like the architects are putting emphasis on matching the rooflines when they should be lining up the ground floor ceilings. It's that tall ground floor that defines the urban pedestrian realm. 

"[Randall's] aesthetic poll was more accurate than his political acumen"

-Tom Hawthorne, Toronto Globe and Mail

#123 aastra

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Posted 22 January 2019 - 04:59 PM

This is what I'm saying. Imagine the top level of the left section clad in something interesting or otherwise having some panache* one way or another, and then extend that level down (tossing away the brick and such on the lower levels).


*Mike K'.s word of the month for January

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#124 aastra

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Posted 22 January 2019 - 05:18 PM


...when they should be lining up the ground floor ceilings.


I don't mind them being irregular, but the super short one just looks very out of place.

#125 aastra

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Posted 22 January 2019 - 06:00 PM

Like I say, imagine the left section looking something like this...


It gets so many things right. It fits the old town context AND flaunts its own unique character at the same time. If you really want to boil down what new construction in an old district should be like, methinks that's it.


Love how the ground, middle levels, and top are all interesting. Love how the ground floor 100% respects the neighbourhood context and yet has its own individual character as well. It passes the "Why would anyone bother to take a picture?" test with flying colours.


This new construction fits in by respecting its context and also by being its own thing. It doesn't defer, it isn't trying to hide. It enriches the district by being another key element in what makes the district special. It adds another piece to the puzzle. If that new construction were to burn down, anyone who loves the district would be just as upset as if an old building had been lost.


This streetscape in Hamilton just schools Victoria, honestly. Which city would you think was more obsessed with its historic fabric?


Read this and weep...



While the facade of the original 1867 structure has been sandblasted and cleaned to reveal the old limestone, the building on the formerly empty lot has been clad in new, locally sourced limestone.



When asked about the etched frieze at the top of the limestone facade of the middle section, Kulakowsky smiles and becomes a bit wistful. “You know that saying ‘They don’t build ’em like the used to’? Well, we wanted to build it even better than that. Templar Flats will be standing long after we’re gone, but we wanted passersby to be able to look up at the building, and see something beautiful that our generation built.”


pic from http://www.oaa.on.ca...mplar-Flats/457

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#126 Nparker

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Posted 22 January 2019 - 07:01 PM

I think a big part of Victoria's current problem with heritage preservation, restoration and integrating new alongside the old, is that for decades now we have been told by the powers that be - including at least one member of CoV council - that nothing new can be as good as what came before. Our contemporary architecture has been dealt an inferiority complex.

#127 aastra

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Posted 07 February 2019 - 06:16 PM

For the section in the middle of the block on the south side of the Duck's building, why not emulate the kind of narrow facades that used to be on Broad Street back in the day? Look at how large the windows are on that one on the right side of the pic.


This is what I'm getting at when I say Hamilton is doing better work in this regard than Victoria is.

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