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The Victoria crime thread

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Posted Yesterday, 03:45 PM

Why would you have such an item, unless you were, hmmm... a drug dealer, maybe? Gee, this is gonna sound far-fetched, but its almost as if the whole thing is set up perfectly to keep the illegal drug traffic flowing... just like when the drug dealer lobbyists, oops, sorry, I meant to say housing activists, went to court to make sure dealers, oops, sorry again, I meant "guests" would be allowed access to the Johnson Street facility.


Why would drug dealers not get free rooms at the hotels? I am sure that they had supply tents at the various parks. 


A heck of a lot easier to cook your meth and cut your drugs inside in a nice warm room then out on the street. Also easier to set up appointments and meetings with customers out of the prying eyes of cops (assuming they cared anyways).

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