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City of Victoria - 2018-2022 Mayor and council general discussion

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#1801 rjag

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Posted Today, 08:37 AM

Lisa Helps comments on Sri Lanka bombings of Christian Churches on Easter Sunday


My heart goes out to those killed or injured in the bombings in Sri Lanka. We should be very concerned as a human species whenever sanctuaries of any faith group are attacked; sanctuaries are by definition safe places, or should be. https://twitter.com/...189613526720514




Lisa Helps comments on the Mosque shootings in New Zealand


In light of the horrible mosque shootings in New Zealand, I stand in solidarity with our Muslim community against racism, Islamophobia and discrimination and for #diversity, #inclusion and #love. https://twitter.com/...462672072126464


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#1802 jonny

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Posted Today, 08:58 AM

What time is the CoV city council human chain around a church convening?
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#1803 spanky123

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Posted Today, 09:24 AM

What time is the CoV city council human chain around a church convening?


And lowering the flag at City Hall to half mast.

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#1804 Nparker

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Posted Today, 09:39 AM

Doing those things might "trigger" people; you know like Xmas decorations?

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#1805 tommy

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Posted Today, 10:26 AM

Hey Juno. There may be a municipal by-election this autumn. Why not take a shot at it before you decide to move out?

probably not this autumn...since there is no requirement for a councillor to resign while standing for higher office, and the federal election is not until oct 21, and then the seat must be declared vacant (usually by vote of council at first opportunity), and then a chief election officer must be appointed  (as soon as practicable)(by-election within 80 days) and then the minister must be notified - it could be close to ninety days or more before a by-election takes place so it is likely that nothing will happen until early 2020...

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#1806 Casual Kev

Casual Kev
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Posted Today, 02:06 PM

Kinda hard to run for council when you would almost certainly take a paycut to put in more hours and have much more daily stress (if you want to do a good job). This is why I don't like the "if current politicians suck why don't you just run" argument. We should collectively hold City Hall to a standard where they work for the betterment of the city, giving them a thumbs up when they grimly work and a thumbs down when they're wasting time or pandering.
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#1807 Hotel Mike

Hotel Mike

    Hotel Mike

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Posted Today, 03:21 PM

Yes. It's a tough slog and yes, it probably won't happen until 2020. But Juno is correct. If those of a more centre or moderate bent wish to elect a Councillor, it would be wise to try to get behind one good candidate. Usually by-elections bring out a ton of candidates.

Don't be so sure.:cool:

#1808 PraiseKek

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Posted Today, 04:48 PM

I'd run but for council but my platform of "fire them all" would probably not be too popular.
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