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COVID-19 / Coronavirus updates in Victoria, BC

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Posted 23 October 2021 - 08:06 AM

As runners crossed the finish line in the first in-person Royal Victoria Marathon 8K race since 2019, many had their names called out.
Crossing quietly without that honour, however, was Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s provincial health officer, even though she finished in the top five in her age category.
Henry also didn’t run alone — she had a male and a female security officer on her heels.
Given the anti-vaccination crowds downtown in the days prior to the race — which longtime Royal ­Victoria ­organizer Rob Reid described as more of a mob than demonstrators — there was concern for the safety of the woman who has led the province through the COVID-19 pandemic.
“It wasn’t anything formal in not saying her name or anything,” said Reid, “but we just wanted to downplay it.”
Announcer Rod McCrimmon said Henry’s name never came over the scroll of names from which he tries to read as many as possible, especially notable ones. “I think it was by design.”


FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A former self-described anti-vaxxer says if he knew a vaccine could save his wife’s life, he would have gotten it months ago.
Fort St. John resident Dwayne Binette is pleading with the community to get their COVID-19 vaccines while his pregnant wife lies alone on life support and doctors say she has a 10 per cent chance of surviving.
“We were pretty stubborn about not getting vaccinated because we just were like everybody else that [are considered] anti-vaxxers. There is not enough information for the long term, and we want more information,” said Binette.


Dwayne says the baby is strong and is being monitored constantly, and the doctors hope that with his wife’s lungs not having to do any work, it will slowly repair itself.
Dwayne and his kids are currently in quarantine and are unable to visit.
“We can’t leave to go see my wife. My kids can’t see their mother because of all of this. So it makes it a lot worse when your family member is dying in the hospital, and you can’t go see them.”
The doctors told Dwayne that his 39-year-old wife, with no pre-existing medical conditions, has a 10 per cent chance of surviving.
Dwayne believes everyone should have been vaccinated months ago, but for those who are against it or are still unsure, he poses one question for them: “If you see your family member in jeopardy, would you not do what it would take to save their life ?”
Dwayne says he is just trying to get the word out in hopes that it could potentially save someone from dying.

Sask. plans to send more COVID-19 patients to Ontario
‘Up to 3’ ICU transfers a day are expected early next week, province says

Ontario plans to lift all COVID-19 public health measures — masks included — by March

Patients diagnosed with COVID-19 may show neurological symptoms, such as loss of smell, delirium and cognitive impairment. Mayo Clinic researchers are investigating these side effects to determine whether being infected with COVID-19 influences development or progression of Alzheimer's disease and Alzheimer's disease-related dementias (ADRD).

People vaccinated against Covid-19 less likely to die from any cause, study finds

Majority of 15–19-year-olds wanted COVID jab

To determine mortality risk associated with COVID-19 vaccination, researchers evaluated the electronic health records of 6.4 million COVID-19 vaccine recipients compared to 4.6 million unvaccinated people with similar demographics and geographic locations from December 14, 2020, through July 31, 2021. The study looked at only non-COVID-19-related deaths to avoid masking any safety concerns regarding COVID-19 vaccine-related death with the protective effects of COVID-19 vaccine.
The study population included members of 7 Vaccine Safety Datalink sites: Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, Kaiser Permanente Washington, HealthPartners in Minnesota, and Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin.
The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines require 2 doses for full vaccination, while the Johnson & Johnson adenoviral vector vaccine requires only one dose. The 1-dose and 2-dose vaccines had different comparison groups due to differences in when the vaccines were available and potential differences in the demographics of people who chose the 1- or 2-dose vaccines. All analyses were adjusted for age, sex, race, ethnicity, and Vaccine Safety Datalink site.

  • Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine recipients had a mortality rate of 4.2 deaths per 1,000 vaccinated people per year after first dose, and 3.5 deaths after second dose.
    • The unvaccinated comparison group had a mortality rate of 11.1 deaths per 1,000 people per year.
  • Moderna COVID-19 vaccine recipients had 3.7 deaths per 1,000 people per year after the first dose, and 3.4 deaths after the second dose.
    • The unvaccinated comparison group had a mortality rate of 11.1 deaths per 1,000 people per year.
  • Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine recipients had 8.4 deaths per 1,000 people per year.
    • The unvaccinated comparison group had a mortality rate of 14.7 deaths per 1,000 people per year.

Poor immune response in many double- vaccinated blood cancer patients

New Zealand sets 90% vaccine target to end lockdown

South Korea reaches goal of 70% vaccinations for COVID-19

Britain has recorded an average of 47,000 new cases of COVID-19 a day in the past week, up 18% from the week before, according to figures released on Friday. There was an average of 135 deaths a day, a 16% rise from the previous week. Britain has recorded more than 139,000 coronavirus deaths during the pandemic, the highest toll in Europe after Russia.
Many scientists are urging the government to reintroduce some of the measures that it lifted three months ago when more than a year of restrictions ended, including mandatory mask-wearing indoors, social distancing and work-from-home advice.
The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, a body of scientists that advises the government, says "policy work on the potential reintroduction of measures should be undertaken now so that it can be ready for rapid deployment," according to minutes of a meeting held last week.

Germany's health ministry said Friday the country was seeing a surge in coronavirus infections and warned that the situation was likely to worsen as winter approaches.

Just a year after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the landlocked East African country of Uganda polio-free, the crippling and sometimes deadly disease has returned to haunt the country, along with other African nations.
As healthcare systems remain preoccupied with combating COVID-19, 31 African countries including Uganda have recorded 1,069 polio cases over the past year. Uganda’s Health Ministry has warned that 4.6 million children 5 and younger are at high risk of contracting poliovirus.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency on eve of Sunday’s World Polio Day, Ugandan health official Shukura Nebaza said the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted lifesaving immunization services in lower-income countries like his.
He said if the circulation of polio is left unchecked and the number of unimmunized children grows, this will undoubtedly create an increasingly high risk that polio will spread internationally.


RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh’s Raigarh district has achieved 100% vaccination target of all adults. They have received at least first jab of the vaccine.

Chief minister Bhupesh Baghel congratulated the district administration including health workers and people for the achievement.
Out of total population of 16,94,234 of Raigarh, the district administration has achieved the set target of vaccinating a total 10,42,625 adults, who have received first dose of Covid-19 vaccine across the nine blocks in the district.
The majority of population was covered in door-to-door campaign and vaccination drive which was initiated by health department, said health officials.
“It gives me immense pleasure to inform all that Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh has achieved 100% vaccination of all 18+ people in the district. It is first in Chhattisgarh to do so. I thank the administrative team and people of Raigarh for this,” said district collector Bhim Singh.


Adobe will put U.S. employees on unpaid leave if they’re not vaccinated by Dec. 8
via https://www.engadget...-130633393.html

In February, Pfizer was accused of “bullying” governments in COVID vaccine negotiations in a groundbreaking story by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. A government official at the time noted, “Five years in the future when these confidentiality agreements are over you will learn what really happened in these negotiations.”

Public Citizen has identified several unredacted Pfizer contracts that describe the outcome of these negotiations. The contracts offer a rare glimpse into the power one pharmaceutical corporation has gained to silence governments, throttle supply, shift risk and maximize profits in the worst public health crisis in a century. We describe six examples from around the world below.

Pfizer’s demands have generated outrage around the world, slowing purchase agreements and even pushing back the delivery schedule of vaccines. If similar terms are included as a condition to receive doses, they may threaten President Biden’s commitment to donate 1 billion vaccine doses.

High-income countries have enabled Pfizer’s power through a favorable system of international intellectual property protection. High-income countries have an obligation to rein in that monopoly power. The Biden administration, for example, can call on Pfizer to renegotiate existing commitments and pursue a fairer approach in the future. The administration can further rectify the power imbalance by sharing the vaccine recipe, under the Defense Production Act, to allow multiple producers to expand vaccine supplies.[19] It can also work to rapidly secure a broad waiver of intellectual property rules (TRIPS waiver) at the World Trade Organization. A wartime response against the virus demands nothing less.

etc https://www.citizen..../pfizers-power/
via https://www.democrac...ced_governments

Over 500,000 healthcare workers quit in August, the most recent month figures are available for, and more than two dozen strikes amongst healthcare workers have taken place since the start of the year, according to reports.
A tracker from Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations found there have been 35 strikes in the Healthcare and Social Assistance industry as of Friday. 
Over the past four months, thousands of workers at more than two dozen hospitals in California have gone on strike. Earlier this month, close to 31,000 healthcare workers at Kaiser Permanente voted to authorize a strike over wages.
Nurses at one hospital in Massachusetts have been on strike since March, Masslive reported.
The strikes are occurring during a time of increased demand for patient care and a shortage of workers. In addition to the Delta variant, the US is also facing a rise in chronically ill patients who delayed care during the pandemic, Politico reported.
Healthcare workers told Politico that while they know walking out may garner "scorn" from some, they wanted to use the attention they've recieved throughout the pandemic to demand better conditions.
"We're drowning here," Mike Pineda, a senior transport technician at Sutter Delta Medical Center in Antioch, California, told Politico. "The wear and tear on everyone got to the point where people became frustrated."


On Friday, CNN reported on a private school in Florida with an absolutely whacky policy that requires students who get the Covid-19 vaccine to stay home for 30 days, according to an email to parents obtained by WSVN.
Such controversy is nothing new for Centner Academy in Miami, which in April asked teachers and staff not to get vaccinated until the end of the school year.
CNN’s Gary Tuchman went to the school and spoke to parents about the policy. One father he talked to said that vaccines are “a family decision.”
“It is a family decision, but it makes everyone safer,” replied Tuchman. “Because so many people have gotten the vaccinations, tens of thousands people are not dying.”
“There’s a lot of people who get the vaccine and [are] dying right now,” said the man.
“That’s not true,” responded Tuchman.
“No, it is true. Fox News says it’s truth.”
“Fox News says it’s true but it’s definitely not true. It’s false. That’s the problem.”
The parent went on to say, “Fauci is not the best scientist in the world. That’s just one opinion.”


Scientists at the Food and Drug Administration presented an analysis late Friday showing that the protection offered to children between the ages of 5 and 11 by the Covid vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech “would clearly outweigh” the risk of myocarditis, a heart-related side effect, that the vaccine appears to cause.
The FDA’s analysis was made public ahead of a Tuesday meeting of outside scientists convened to make a recommendation on authorizing the vaccine for children in that age range. An agenda for the meeting shows sessions dedicated to the vaccine’s effectiveness, and to the potential risk of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart. The FDA is not bound by the votes of its advisory committees, but it generally follows their advice.
New data from Pfizer were also made public on Friday. They show that the vaccine is about 91% effective in preventing Covid-19 in 5- to 11-year-olds.


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Posted 23 October 2021 - 03:19 PM

^ Knew Dr. BH had one security guard but I didn't realize it was two. Interesting that she attributes disagreements with her policies as being sexist. I wonder what Dr. Fauci's excuse is?

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Posted 23 October 2021 - 03:25 PM

and she had to find two to keep up with her half marathon time too.

yes. As usual no actual evidence she has been criticized due to her gender. But why not play that card if it’s in your deck?

I always play my joker card if I’ve got it.

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Posted 24 October 2021 - 07:37 AM

A new study has found that COVID-19 can cause damage to blood vessels in the brain, damaging cognitive function. 
The study, conducted by scientists from Germany, France, and Spain, reveals that COVID-19 can kill brain cells known as endothelial cells. 
Studies have previously found that up to 84% of COVID-19 patients suffer from neurological symptoms, anosmia (loss of sense of taste or smell), epileptic seizures, strokes, loss of consciousness, and confusion, and this may be an explanation as to why. 
Insider's Yelena Dzhanova previously covered how patients of COVID-19 suffer memory loss, even months after contracting the virus.
The study was conducted by scanning the brains of corpses who had died from COVID-19. 
The results of the research showed string vessels, a dead cell that cannot allow blood to flow, and is a sign of cognitive impairment, and has a number of medical risks, including micro strokes.
There is hope, however, that this new facet of COVID-19 may be reversible.
"We have seen that in hamsters, who develop very minor forms of Covid-19, the phenomenon is apparently reversible, so we can hope that it could also be reversible in humans," a co-author of the paper, Vincent Prévot, from the Inserm research center in Lille, told RFI news.


A leaked Whitehall document has revealed that the UK government is gearing up to swiftly activate a more restrictive coronavirus response Plan B strategy if the situation with case rises calls for it, reported The Sun.

Marked Official Sensitive, the cited e-mail was reportedly sent from the UK Health Security Agency to local authorities, town hall and public health leaders, stating:

“I have been asked to canvas opinion on the level of support for immediate roll out of the Winter Plan - Plan B.”

The “menu of measures” that would come with the proposed strategy involves introducing vaccine passports in nightclubs, pubs and other crowded indoor settings, as well as outdoor venues accommodating over 10,000 attendees. The considered plan would also presuppose “legally mandating face coverings in certain settings” and guidance to work from home (WFH).

A total of 11 provincial-level regions have been affected within a week as a fresh outbreak of COVID-19 emerged in China, a spokesperson with the National Health Commission (NHC) said Sunday.


In mid-September, Marcel Schliebs, a disinformation researcher at the University of Oxford who had been tracking messaging that Chinese diplomats and state media spread on Twitter for 18 months, spotted the emergence of a surprising coronavirus origin theory.

Zha Liyou, the Chinese consul general in Kolkata, India, tweeted an unfounded claim that Covid-19 could have been imported to China from the United States through a batch of Maine lobsters shipped to a seafood market in Wuhan in November 2019. It marks the latest in a series of theories that have been pushed by pro-China accounts since the start of the pandemic.

With some further digging, Schliebs uncovered a network of more than 550 Twitter accounts, which he shared with NBC News, spreading a nearly identical message, translated into multiple languages — including English, Spanish, French, Polish, Korean and even Latin — at similar times each day between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. China Standard Time.

Some of the accounts were “unsophisticated sock puppets” with “very few or zero followers,” Schliebs said, while others appeared to be accounts that were once authentic but had been hijacked and repurposed to spread disinformation.

“Attribution is really difficult,” said Schliebs, a postdoctoral researcher of computational propaganda at Oxford’s Programme on Democracy and Technology. “But we can see there’s a coordinated effort, and that it’s a pro-Chinese narrative.”


BEIJING: China's latest COVID-19 outbreak is increasingly likely to spread further, a health official said on Sunday (Oct 24), as authorities urged all regions to step up monitoring and called for a reduction in travel across provinces.
China has largely contained the virus but it is determined to stamp out any sporadic local outbreaks, particularly in the run-up to the 2022 Winter Olympics in February.
The Delta variant causing the outbreak is also highly transmissible, said commission deputy director Wu Liangyou, adding that sequencing showed it to be different from the source of an earlier outbreak, and suggesting that the new cases came from a new source from abroad.
Authorities have banned travel agencies from arranging cross-provincial tours that involve regions deemed of higher virus risk, and has imposed nationwide suspension on some travel services linking multiple tourist attractions.
The capital Beijing has said it will impose strict restriction on travels to the city by people who have been to counties with at least one infection.

Over 1.06b people in China complete COVID-19 vaccination

According to a report from Christine Jordan Sexton of Florida Politics, Florida's newly-appointed Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo was asked by a state senator to leave her office after he and his two aides refused to put on masks.
Lapado, who has already been accused of spreading Covid-19 misinformation, showed up at the Tallahassee office of State Senator Tina Polsky (D) as he made the rounds to meet with my multiple lawmakers. However his meeting with Polsky never happened after he and his legislative aides refused to put on masks to protect her even after she informed them she is immunocompromised.
According to Jordan Sexton, "Sen. Tina Polsky, who was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in August, asked state Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo and his two legislative aides to leave her office after Ladapo refused to comply with her request to put on a mask."
In an interview, Polsky explained, "I told him I had a serious medical condition," adding that the doctor "offered to go outside when she asked him to put the mask on, but she declined," according to Jordan Sexton.
"I don't want to go outside. I want you to sit in my office and talk to you," Polsky recalled before adding, "He just smiles and doesn't answer. He's very smug. And I told him several times, `I have this very serious medical condition.' And he said, 'That's OK,' like it basically has nothing to do with what we are talking about."
She also stated that Ladapo attempted to make light of the situation on the way out, telling her, "Sometimes I try to reason with unreasonable people for fun."


Dr Anthony Fauci, already under fire for “lying” to Congress about the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) – which he directs – funding of risky coronavirus research in China, is now accused of pushing “cruel” experiments on animals.
Bipartisan legislators are demanding answers from US President Joe Biden’s medical advisor, Dr Anthony Fauci, after non-profit organisation White Coat Waste Project accused the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of funding a “cruel” project in Tunisia that involved infecting dogs with disease-causing parasites, reports The Hill.

Concerns were prompted after the non-profit cited a study published in July which detailed the experiments. The “Funding Statement” confirmed that the funds were given by NIAID to Elyes Zhioua, from the Institut Pasteur de Tunis, and Abhay Satoskar from Ohio State University.

Some 44 beagle pups were sedated in a laboratory in Tunisia, North Africa to test an experimental drug, it was claimed.

Documents cited by the organisation and reported by Gareway Pundit state that the Institutes of Health division led by Fauci shipped part of a $375,800 grant to the lab where experiments involved the dogs having their heads locked in mesh cages filled with infected sand flies.

The parasite-carrying insects, deliberately starved beforehand, were allowed to feed on the puppies, stated the non-profit, adding a link to a photo of the experiment.

Furthermore, beagles were also locked alone in cages in the middle of the desert for nine consecutive nights to act as bait for more infectious sand flies. Some of the dogs are said to have had their vocal cords removed, allegedly so scientists could work without listening to incessant barking. The animals were later euthanised, according to the report.


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Posted 25 October 2021 - 07:51 AM

Ontario reports 326 new COVID-19 cases, no new deaths



Quebec reports 324 new COVID-19 cases, five deaths, slight uptick in hospitalizations


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Posted 25 October 2021 - 08:01 AM

All players, coaches, spectators at Hockey Canada events must be vaccinated against COVID
Rules do not apply to minor hockey leagues or associations

Keeping blood insulin levels within strict, healthy parameters is a daily goal for people with diabetes. But now, researchers from Japan have found that regulating blood insulin levels may even help lower the risk of getting COVID-19.

Patients experiencing post-acute COVID syndrome (PACS, also known as “long COVID”) may have symptoms for at least 12 months after initial COVID-19 infection, significantly and negatively impacting their cognition, ability to work, participation in physical activity, interaction with others, and overall quality of life, according to a new Mount Sinai study. 
The study, published in the October 25 issue of the American Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, is one of the first to measure the actual impairment and impact of PACS on patients, and detail factors that may exacerbate their symptoms. This work will help guide lawmakers and national and international health agencies to develop strategies and policies to support these patients during their lengthy recovery.
“With millions of Americans at risk of developing PACS by the end of the pandemic, a second, longer-term public health emergency has emerged. It is imperative to understand the burden of this novel condition and develop targeted interventions to help patients participate in daily activities, as well as policies that will assist them with their disability and employment status,” says senior author David Putrino, PhD, Director of Rehabilitation Innovation for the Mount Sinai Health System. “This study is a concerning reminder of how severely debilitating PACS symptoms are, the toll they take on health and wellness, and the fact that, without active treatment, these symptoms appear to persist indefinitely.”


Study: Memory problems more common after severe cases of Covid-19

Trigonopterus corona, the new species of tiny beetle named after the coronavirus
... and 27 other new species of beetles discovered on Sulawesi Island

WASHINGTON: US pharmaceutical giant Moderna on Monday (Oct 25) reported a "robust neutralising antibody response" to its COVID-19 vaccine in children aged 6 to 11, and said that it will submit the trial data to global regulators soon.

god's will

actual researcher is not having it

MOSCOW, October 25 (Sputnik) - The coronavirus pandemic will come to an end when all nations begin to effectively use the health tools available to them, Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says.

"The pandemic will end when the world chooses to end it. It is in our hands. We have all the tools we need: effective public health tools and effective medical tools. But the world has not used those tools well. With almost 50,000 deaths a week, the pandemic is far from over", Dr Tedros said on Sunday, in his address to the World Health Summit in Berlin.

The WHO chief called on G20 countries that have already vaccinated 40 percent of their population to actively engage in the COVAX mechanism, as well as the African Vaccine Acquisition Trust (AVAT).

On Sunday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres called on the G20 to help collect $8 billion to ensure a fair distribution of COVID-19 vaccines around the world.


300,000 Swedes believed to have impaired sense of smell due to COVID-19

New Zealand reports second-highest daily COVID-19 cases in pandemic

SEOUL: South Korea unveiled on Monday (Oct 25) a three-phase strategy to get back to normal from the coronavirus with all limits on gatherings and distancing gone by February, after it achieved a goal of vaccinating 70 per cent of its people on the weekend.

泰国首剂疫苗接种率约55% 逾九成民众对开放国门感担忧
Thailand's first vaccination rate is about 55%, more than 90% of the people are worried about opening the country

A financial industry group warned on Monday, October 25, that Hong Kong's zero-COVID-19 policy and strict quarantine requirements for international travelers threatens to undermine the city's status as a financial hub.
The Asia Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA) said a survey of members, including some of the world's largest banks and asset managers, showed 48% were contemplating moving staff or functions away from Hong Kong due to operational challenges, which included uncertainty regarding when and how travel and quarantine restrictions will be lifted.

Hong Kong has some of the most stringent travel restrictions in the world and is virtually COVID-19 free, however unlike regional rival Singapore, which is slowly reopening its borders, the Chinese-ruled city has no public plan for opening up to international travelers.

Local leaders say their focus is removing restrictions on travel from Hong Kong to mainland China, which also has strict entry restrictions. At present travelers from Hong Kong to the mainland must still undergo quarantine.

"Hong Kong's status as an [international financial center] is increasingly at risk along with its long-term economic recovery and competitiveness as a premier place to do business," Mark Austen, chief executive of Asifma, wrote in open letter to Hong Kong's financial secretary Paul Chan.


The first playbook that outlines anti-COVID-19 measures for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games has been published here on Monday.
The guidebook, jointly published by the Beijing 2022 organizers, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) offers separate versions for athletes and team officials as well as other stakeholders including the Olympic and Paralympic Family, media and broadcasters, International Federations (IFs) and technical officials.
As the playbook specifies, a closed-loop management system will be applied during Games participants' entire stay in China.
Participants can move freely inside the closed-loop area, traveling in dedicated vehicles between games venues and accommodation facilities, and between the three competition zones of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, explained Huang Chun, deputy director general of the Pandemic Prevention and Control Office at the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee (BOCOG).
"The system will make sure everyone including athletes, press and other stakeholders in the closed-loop can perform the day-to-day activities essential to their roles during the Games, and at the same time separate them from the general public or anyone outside of the closed-loop," introduced Wang Quanyi, deputy director of Public Health Office of the Games Service Department of BOCOG.
"There will be food and beverages catered for culturally diverse backgrounds, licensed product stores, fitness centers and entertainment centers to ensure participants a comfortable stay inside the closed-loop," he added.


More than 3 million Americans decided to retire earlier than they would have due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new analysis.
Miguel Faria E Castro, a senior economist at the St. Louis Fed, compared retirees to the baby-boomer trend to distinguish between “normal” and “excess” retirements. As of August, he found, there were slightly over 3 million excess retirements, which is more than half of the 5.25 million people who have left the labor force since the beginning of the pandemic.
He speculated on two key motivations. One is, the excess retirees are older people, who are especially vulnerable to infection and death. But another reason is the surge in asset prices — namely the stock market and housing market.
“Standard theories of household behavior predict that when people get richer, they work less, and there is some evidence that the evolution of asset values influenced labor force participation in previous recessions, especially for those closer to retirement,” he said.


Ed Sheeran tests positive for COVID-19 just after being announced as next SNL musical guest

Feds Say Man Spent Covid Loan On $57,000 Pokémon Card
He's been charged with wire fraud, and if found guilty could be spending 20 years in prison

A chaotic scene has developed outside the Barclays Center, the home for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, where anti-vaccine protesters knocked down security barricades and attempted to break down the doors to the arena.

The protesters are there to show support for the anti-vaccine position of Nets superstar Kyrie Irving, whose refusal to get the Covid-19 vaccine, in defiance of New York City’s vaccine mandate, resulted in the team benching him until he gets the jab.

The Nets are playing the Charlotte Hornets in their home opener Sunday, with tipoff scheduled for 4 pm ET.

Media on the scene tweeted several videos showing the protesters, some of whom were wearing “Stand With Kyrie Irving” shirts or carrying signs, pushing aside or knocking down metal security barricades and swarming towards the arena’s doors.


A white coffin emblazoned with American flags and the words “USA Freedom Box” appeared on top of former President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles on October 7th. A British-born anonymous artist known as Plastic Jesus took credit for the installation on Instagram, sharing images and a video with the caption “Today’s street installation: The USA Freedom Box – my body my choice. All the freedom you will ever need!”



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Posted 25 October 2021 - 11:30 AM

I had wondered if we could go 24 hours and get back to back Amor posts in this thread, but you ruined it by 10 mins Victoria Watcher!!!

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Posted 25 October 2021 - 02:05 PM

He does love his propaganda.... 

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Posted 25 October 2021 - 03:37 PM

BC health officials report 1,618 new cases of COVID-19 for a three-day period on Monday, October 25th


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Posted 26 October 2021 - 03:33 AM



2,454 is our 7-day average now. 


that's about the same as exactly one year ago, except then it was on the way up.

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Posted 26 October 2021 - 06:59 AM

Ontario health officials are reporting the lowest number of new COVID-19 cases since early August on Tuesday with 269 new infections logged.


Officials also recorded six new deaths, bringing the total number of COVID-19-related deaths in the province to 9,852.






Of those hospitalized, the province says 84 patients are in intensive care units due to COVID-19 — 67 of those are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, while 17 are fully vaccinated.




According to the province’s epidemiology report, of the 269 new infections reported on Tuesday, 59 cases were identified in children under the age of 12.


The province also recorded 17 cases in youth between the ages of 12 and 19 and another 77 cases in people between the ages of 20 and 39.






Quebec is reporting 340 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours and four new deaths.



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Posted 26 October 2021 - 08:25 AM

Wet’suwet’en First Nation Pleads for Boosters as COVID Strikes Elders
In a region struggling with low vaccine uptake, small Indigenous communities are suffering the consequences.

Anti-Vax Influencer and Failed Politician Now Intubated in ICU for COVID
Mark Friesen, a PPC candidate influential in creating the prairie COVID-conspiracy movement is now intubated in an intensive care hospital battling COVID.

Air purification study finds 45% reduction in healthcare-associated infections, including COVID

MONDAY, Oct. 25, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- It's well-known that COVID-19 pandemic restrictions pretty much quashed the 2020-2021 flu season, with influenza cases falling to never-before-seen lows in the United States.
So little flu circulated, in fact, that some scientists now suspect that one of the major strains of influenza might have gone extinct, for lack of humans to infect.
Statins likely not helpful in reducing COVID-19 mortality or severity
Johns Hopkins Medicine-led study suggests cholesterol-lowering medications may increase risk of more serious illness

Study supports safety of COVID-19 vaccines in people with a history of severe allergic reactions

Pandemic’s effect on scientists may be long lasting, study finds
Although productivity has been mostly restored, initiation of new projects has dramatically declined

CAMBRIDGE, MA -- Using specialized carbon nanotubes, MIT engineers have designed a novel sensor that can detect SARS-CoV-2 without any antibodies, giving a result within minutes. Their new sensor is based on technology that can quickly generate rapid and accurate diagnostics, not just for Covid-19 but for future pandemics, the researchers say.
“A rapid test means that you can open up travel much earlier in a future pandemic. You can screen people getting off of an airplane and determine whether they should quarantine or not. You could similarly screen people entering their workplace and so forth,” says Michael Strano, the Carbon P. Dubbs Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT and the senior author of the study. “We do not yet have technology that can develop and deploy such sensors fast enough to prevent economic loss.”
The diagnostic is based on carbon nanotube sensor technology that Strano’s lab has previously developed. Once the researchers began working on a Covid-19 sensor, it took them just 10 days to identify a modified carbon nanotube capable of selectively detecting the viral proteins they were looking for, and then test it and incorporate it into a working prototype. This approach also eliminates the need for antibodies or other reagents that are time-consuming to generate, purify, and make widely available.
MIT postdoc Sooyeon Cho and graduate student Xiaojia Jin are the lead authors of the paper, which appears today in Analytical Chemistry. Other authors include MIT graduate students Sungyun Yang and Jianqiao Cui, and postdoc Xun Gong.


Ivermectin: misuse against COVID risks undermining its use for other diseases

Moderna on Tuesday said it will make up to 110 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine available to African countries, which local officials called a breakthrough on the world's least vaccinated continent.

Americans are struggling with the basic decisions required to navigate daily life as the effects of pandemic-related stress continue to take a toll, especially on younger adults and parents, according to a national survey from the American Psychological Association. 
Stress in AmericaTM 2021: Stress and Decision-Making during the Pandemic conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of APA, found that 1 in 3 Americans (32%) said sometimes they are so stressed about the coronavirus pandemic that they struggle to make even basic decisions (e.g., what to wear, what to eat, etc.). Millennials (48%) were particularly likely to struggle with this when compared with their counterparts (Gen Z adults: 37%, Gen Xers: 32%, boomers: 14%, older adults: 3%); as were parents (47%) vs. non-parents (24%). 
“The pandemic has imposed a regimen of constant risk assessment upon many. Each day brings an onslaught of choices with an ever-changing context as routines are upended and once trivial daily tasks are recast in the light of pandemic life,” said Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD, APA’s chief executive officer. “Sustaining a heightened degree of vigilance inevitably wears on one’s mental health. And operating amid so much uncertainty compounds the general state of mental exhaustion being felt by so many right now, especially young adults and parents.”

A new paper in The Economic Journal indicates that a large-scale government subsidy aimed at encouraging people to eat out in restaurants in the wake of the first 2020 COVID-19 wave in the United Kingdom accelerated a second COVID19 wave.

In a report launched in Berlin, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), an independent body set up by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, slammed the continued failings in the global response to the pandemic.
"If the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic was defined by a collective failure to take preparedness seriously and act rapidly on the basis of science, the second has been marked by profound inequalities and a failure of leaders to understand our interconnectedness and act accordingly," the report said.
The pandemic has exposed a world that is "unequal, divided, and unaccountable", it concluded.
"The health emergency ecosystem reflects this broken world. It is not fit for purpose and needs major reform."
The report, launched at the Global Health Summit in Berlin, comes as the number of deaths from the coronavirus nears five million, according to an AFP tally of official sources.
Taking into account excess mortality directly and indirectly linked to COVID-19, the WHO estimates the overall death toll could be two to three times higher.
The grim milestone approaches in the context of a sharp divide between wealthier and poorer regions in terms of vaccination rates.


Facebook has removed a video in which Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro warned of a supposed link between Covid-19 vaccines and AIDS.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand’s government said Tuesday it will expand a vaccine mandate to include thousands of workers who have close contact with their customers — including employees at restaurants, bars, gyms and hair salons.

The changes will mean that about 40% of all New Zealand workers will need to get fully vaccinated against the coronavirus or risk losing their jobs, up from about 15% previously.

Speaking with reporters, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she didn’t believe the new rules were an overreach of government power.

This requirement means staff and customers are treated equally and it will play a big part in helping to minimize the spread of the virus in the highest-risk venues by reducing the potential for COVID to enter the business in the first place,” Ardern said.


В России за неделю развернули 18 тысяч новых коек для больных COVID-19
In Russia, 18 thousand new beds for patients with COVID-19 were deployed in a week
they got this

China placed a city of four million under lockdown on Tuesday in a bid to stamp out a domestic coronavirus spike, with residents told not to leave home except in emergencies.
Tuesday's fresh restrictions came as China reported 29 new domestic infections—including six cases in Lanzhou, the provincial capital of northwestern province Gansu.
Residents of Lanzhou will be required to stay at home, authorities said in a statement.
Officials added the "entry and exit of residents" would be strictly controlled and limited to essential supplies or medical treatment.
Bus and taxi services had already been suspended in the city, and state media said Tuesday that Lanzhou station had suspended more than 70 trains, including key routes to major cities like Beijing and Xi'an.
Flights to Lanzhou were also being cancelled, with a Southern Airlines representative telling AFP that all their flights from Beijing's Daxing airport to Lanzhou were cancelled due to public safety, without any date given to resume.
China's latest outbreak has been linked to the contagious Delta variant, with the tally from the latest outbreak hitting 198 cases since October 17.


The latest COVID-19 resurgence, which has spread into 11 Chinese provinces in just one week, was triggered by a new imported source identified as being of the Delta variant, according to officials from China's top health authority. Some Chinese epidemiologists see the current sporadic outbreaks hit the largest scale since the epidemic flare-up in Nanjing in late July that was the worst since the 2020 outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei Province.  

However, if anti-epidemic measures are effectively implemented and loopholes are fixed, the latest outbreaks can be brought under control within one month, a veteran expert said. 

Of the 133 infections reported over the past week, 106 cases were found to be related to tourist activities involving a total of 13 tour groups or self-driving tours, Wu Liangyou, deputy director of the National Health Commission (NHC) disease control bureau, told a briefing on Sunday. 

At present, the epidemic is in the rapid development stage, as cases of infections that are not related to tour groups have been increasing. As screening work continues, the number of infections is anticipated to increase, with the areas affected also expanding, Wu said.

Air-inflated testing lab for COVID-19 tests up to 800,000 people daily in Lanzhou (gallery)

Described as “the most important organization you’ve never heard of,” MITRE rakes in massive security state contracts to pioneer invasive spy tech. Now it’s at the heart of a campaign to implement digital vaccine passports.

While vaccine passports have been marketed as a boon to public health, promising safety, privacy, and convenience for those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, the pivotal role a shadowy military-intelligence organization is playing in the push to implement the system in digital form has raised serious civil liberties concerns.

Known as MITRE, the organization is a non-profit corporation led almost entirely by military-intelligence professionals and sustained by sizable contracts with the Department of Defense, FBI, and national security sector.

The effort “to expand QR code vaccine passports beyond states like California and New York” now revolves around a public-private partnership known as the Vaccine Credential Initiative (VCI). And the VCI has reserved an instrumental role in its coalition for MITRE.
Described by Forbes as a “cloak and dagger [research and development] shop” that is “the most important organization you’ve never heard of,” MITRE has developed some of the most invasive surveillance technology in use by US spy agencies today. Among its most novel products is a system built for the FBI which captures individuals’ fingerprints from images posted on social media sites.
MITRE’s own COVID-19 umbrella coalition includes In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Palantir, a scandal-stained private spying firm.

A new report found that COVID-19 was the leading cause of death in Arizona during the pandemic, unlike in other similar states that had more aggressive mitigation measures.

Trump's tweets influence public risk perception during pandemic: study

Ex-Fox News Host Eric Bolling Hits Network’s Vax Policy: Primetime Hosts ‘Say the Complete Opposite of What They Reported Just Hours Prior’

The pandemic has made it even harder for one in three Americans to obtain healthy, affordable food

“The policies were vague, everyone was scrambling, so we decided to keep [our kids] home for the first week of school in the hopes that [D.C. Public Schools] would realize they made a mistake and catch up with things like testing and outdoor eating,” she told The Intercept. “It feels a little dumb now, but I genuinely thought things would change and they’d figure safety stuff out.”
Things didn’t change, and the children stayed home. Pretty soon, Kasargod-Staub was notified that her family was being referred to D.C.’s Child and Family Services Agency due to her kids’ unexcused absences. “I have a lot of privilege, I know the system, and it was still terrifying,” she said. “My mind immediately goes to, ‘Where will this lead? Are they going to take away my kids?’”
Kasargod-Staub was soon contacted by a government social worker for an intake call. “The person I spoke to said, ‘We don’t know what’s going to happen, we don’t have any sense of where this will go,’” she recalled. About a week and a half later, things escalated, and child protective services called to schedule a home visit. (A Child and Family Services Agency spokesperson did not return The Intercept’s request for comment.)
Kasargod-Staub and her husband discussed whether they should formally pull their kids out, but they felt extremely committed to their school. “I was the freaking PTA president, my Ph.D. work is around public education, and I didn’t want my Title I elementary to lose my kids’ per-pupil funding,” she explained. While her unvaccinated kids were not eligible for a remote learning option through D.C. Public Schools, which requires a doctor to certify that virtual school is necessary, she and her husband provided them with learning supplements and later enrolled them in a national online school for more structure.
The questions Kasargod-Staub soon fielded from child protective services felt invasive and inappropriate. “The social worker asked about our monthly income, about the paternity of my own children, are there any mental health diagnoses for the parents,” she said. “I was very clear with them exactly why we were not sending our kids to school and what safety policies would put us at ease.”
A few weeks later, Kasargod-Staub was asked to show a social worker where her children sleep and documented proof that there was food in her kitchen. “We don’t have undocumented status, we don’t have incarceration, we’re not unsheltered,” she said. “If we’re enduring this, I cannot even imagine how terrifying it is for many of our less fortunate neighbors who also have Covid concerns right now.” Her case is still not closed out.
Kasargod-Staub is not alone. In Washington, D.C., at least 90 families with Covid-19 safety concerns have been referred to child protective services for “educational neglect,” which the Department of Health and Human Services defines as a parent or guardian’s failure to provide a child with appropriate schooling. As of October 8, about 30 of those referrals had been upgraded to more serious investigations, Paul Kihn, the deputy mayor for education, said at the time. (His office declined to provide more recent figures.) In one warning letter sent to another D.C. parent and reviewed by The Intercept, the school district threatened referral not only to the Child and Family Services Agency but also to the city’s juvenile probation agency.


#18213 Mike K.

Mike K.
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Posted 26 October 2021 - 11:01 AM

Lots of people getting their third COVID shots now. If you had two Pfizers they are recommending the third be Moderna.

Know it all.
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#18214 dasmo

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Posted 26 October 2021 - 11:16 AM

Everything has gone to a subscription model. Even freedom! 

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#18215 dasmo

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Posted 26 October 2021 - 11:39 AM

I know you guys have been missing some counter propaganda. At the very least some of you enjoy kicking someone around a bit. 

This is apparently a Mountie on JT's sniper detail speaking his mind about being forced to chose his job or "the subscription". It's a good interview and if anyone wants to get a window into the other side this guy pretty much sums it up. 



#18216 sebberry


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Posted 26 October 2021 - 11:49 AM

Well COVID is the number one killer of cops in the US right now so they can do as they please I guess.


I'm sure they'll all be welcome back at their jobs once the pandemic is over.  They can either help or hinder putting this thing to bed.

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Victoria webcams: Big Wave Dave Webcams


#18217 Mike K.

Mike K.
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Posted 26 October 2021 - 11:49 AM

Wouldn’t the bigger issue for police forces be the revolving door of the justice system, not the vaccine?

Also, I feel like anti-police rhetoric and defunding attempts are having a greater impact on morale.

Know it all.
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#18218 Victoria Watcher

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Posted 26 October 2021 - 12:04 PM

60 school boards in BC.  not a single on of them (yet) is asking for mandatory vaccines?



B.C. outlines steps for schools districts wishing to mandate vaccine for staff







Whiteacre (SD61) said there is also strong support from trustees, but there are “a lot” of legal issues that need to be considered. “We need to get good advice on this before we implement it.”


Premier John Horgan wants school board trustees to make decisions about vaccine mandates in schools, not the province.


Saanich School Board chairman Tim Dunford said his members are interested, but nothing would happen right away. Sooke School Board chairman Ravi Parmar said he has received emails from parents in support of a vaccine mandate.




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#18219 spanky123

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Posted 26 October 2021 - 03:28 PM

^Same reason the NDP wouldn't do it. Can't risk losing valuable union support.

#18220 Victoria Watcher

Victoria Watcher

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Posted 26 October 2021 - 03:43 PM

Today is a monumental day for British Columbia’s healthcare system.

Across the province, nearly 6,000 healthcare workers are being fired or suspended without pay for refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Around 1,800 of them are long-term care or acute care workers who were suspended without pay on Oct. 12 and had two weeks to get their first dose before their employment was terminated.


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