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#325461 Victoria homelessness issues

Posted by HB on 11 July 2016 - 07:08 AM




















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#364453 Mental Illness and Addiction (Split from Victoria Homeless Issues thread)

Posted by JennKa on 29 January 2017 - 07:04 PM

I have lost my patience with the DT population who make their substance-induced psychosis everyone else's problem. Too many confrontations. Thursday evening we were waiting for a bus and my kid and I were asked for a quarter by a very animated and aggressive guy with a bike. My kid and I both said, no sorry we don't have any change and my daughter even gave him a smile. We turned back around to look at the window display we had been interrupted discussing only to have this guy come right up to our backsides and point his finger into my head like a gun, saying yeah f--- you you don't DONATE **** I know your type blah blah. My daughter freaked (she's 9) and I turned around and got between them, was super angry and asked him, "What did you just say?" He backed off and then as soon as we turned around again he came at us swinging his bike. A man passing by stepped in. I'm so done with this BS. I've started carrying two types of protection because I feel vulnerable without it. Little does this guy know we donate food, toiletries and clothing through the year to Our Place. We care about the homeless population. However, I am DONE taking this **** from the aggressive active addicts in our city core.
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#329454 Victoria homelessness issues

Posted by SimonH on 05 August 2016 - 02:35 PM

Wife and I have just returned from downtown. We were approached by a pan handler asking for food money, we politely declined. He responded by saying he hopes we effing choke on our next meal. 


We'll be eating dinner around 7 pm this evening.


This may be my last post.

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#352637 2018 City of Victoria election

Posted by Stephen Andrew on 29 November 2016 - 11:02 AM

Well, figured I should weigh in on this rather than be an observer.

First, and I know this sounds like a political answer that I would have been all over if anyone who said this to me on my old show, at this time I have no intention of running for mayor in 2018 as of this moment. You heard it here first!

As for Council, today I can say I have no idea. It's a fluid situation. Some days I see stuff coming from the council chamber that truly worries me and I have this urge to weigh in and say my bit. Other days I shake my head in sadness and wonder if there's any hope for reason. Depending on the day I have different thoughts of what the future may bring for me and if I could add a significant contribution.

I learned a lot from the 2014 campaign...

It's not easy to run (I've never done anything that's easy), it's costly, and it takes an emotional toll. As a journalist I did not fully comprehend how tough it can be on the candidate and their family. It's a decision that the individual cannot make alone.

I knocked on hundreds of doors and it was the most exciting and interesting part of the campaign. The conversations at the door were enlightening and provided more insight to the needs and concerns in our city than I discovered on air. Partly that was a time factor and partly because nothing is a substitute for in person dialogue. That experience would certainly assist any potential run.

But, there's also the political climate.

Dan Miller told me during the campaign I have no chance. "It's all about party politics " he proffered as we were standing in line for coffee. I told him what I honestly believe; partisan politics has no place in municipal government. Sadly, the reality is that is not the case. To run you need party support. I do not have party affiliation.

It's strange, even puzzling, to hear people determine my politics for me. I've been called "right wing", "a green supporter" and even "a lefty". I hope I never have to make that decision and any possible future run would have include a cleaner communication in that area.

As to the current field? If the slate become unmanageable, it will favour the incumbent. Dean Fortin lost 2014 in the last week of the campaign. A smaller field secures it for the incumbent if she decides to run again.

I know Marianne Alto is interested in the Mayor's seat. Like Margaret Lucas and Charleyne Thornton-Joe, Alto doesn't live in Victoria. From what I understand she moved from one Saanich location to another. It's one thing to own property,
It's another to live in the municipality. Is there any other council in the region that has three non residents? Having said that, I'm not sure voters care.

I doubt Geoff Young will run for mayor - he's been down that road.

Ben Isitt traveled it too. He did far better than anyone could have imagined, but at the time there was no significant other left of centre candidate.

And finally, anyone who runs is at a disadvantage as they have to work or forgo income during the run. Incumbents have luxury of not having to worry about the impact on their pocketbooks.

Perhaps my thoughts don't make guessing any easier other than I will not be running for mayor.
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#337147 2018 City of Victoria election

Posted by Rob Randall on 16 September 2016 - 09:38 AM

I'll put it out there again:


I was runner-up in the 2008 election. If you want inside tips on how you too can also be a runner-up, I would be pleased to pass along some helpful guidance.

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#336782 Victoria homelessness issues

Posted by Awaiting Juno on 14 September 2016 - 02:32 PM

Large scale, low-barrier housing without adequate buffers/regulations is a massive policy fail.  Tent cities and slums do not solve the problem and are worse than "warehousing" or soft-incarceration as there are no protections for those nearby.  Compassion that leads to enablement is harmful.  Sacrificing one city so all others don't have to do their share to solve the problem is a betrayal of those who elected the mayor and council to office.  More rehab beds would've bed a much better investment.  More resources for those who complete rehab to address recidivism would have been better.  More legal aid.  More emergency funds for those at risk of homelessness.  Instead, we've just spent a bunch of money, on a group that is unlikely to even appreciate it, much less actually turn their lives around.  And exactly how are we measuring the success of Mt. Edwards and CCH - or are we measuring it at all?


And why exactly do we need to place these facilities in the heart of what should be high-value areas where business and tourism should dominate?

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#330520 Victoria homelessness issues

Posted by VicHockeyFan on 12 August 2016 - 03:22 PM

I'm afraid the homeless problem is such that adding 300 campers into housing just means there's space for 300 more in our parks.  I can't see the total going down.  It'll take a concentrated and holistic approach not only in the city but across the country.  Otherwise we'll still be the magnet. 


So is there any appetite to reduce the magnet conditions we have here?  Is there any desire to make this place less attractive to the homeless, while at the same time supporting the homeless?  The higher barriers to services that I've advocated for here over and over again.  


The carrot/stick solutions.


A reduction in the cost of caring for the homeless, by increasing volunteerism and work by the homeless to take care of themselves and their community.  A move to empower them to take care of themselves, instead of just handing them all kinds of benefits with no means test, or payback.


And a way out of the drug cycle.  I'm pretty sure 147 living together in low-barrier housing on Johnson does not support a move away from addictions.

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#317608 Victoria homelessness issues

Posted by pennymurphy2000 on 23 May 2016 - 08:29 PM

After reading Megan Jezewski's letter in the TC yesterday, I honestly don't know where to begin.


Referring to discarded drug paraphernalia as impolite, is beyond ignorant.

Impolite is when someone doesn't hold the door open for you. 

Syringes on the sidewalk and hidden in the grass is dangerous, and not simply inconvenient. You are the same Megan Jezewski who worked for AIDS Vancouver Island are you not? I am sure they are thrilled with your lack of retention for basic facts regarding infectious diseases and how they are spread. 


Vibrant community? Perhaps you can clarify which parts are vibrant? The multiple overdoses? The beating with baseball bats? The stabbings? I think we are going to have to go with the police on this one. This is not a safe community. 


Here is the thing that you, Ashley, Eko, and others need to realize. We honestly don't care what you think. We don't care that you are disappointed. You don't live in the neighbourhood. You don't have children at the school. You aren't parishioners. So you don't get to tell us that we need to be more patient, or compassionate. 


The Cathedral has been incredibly supportive. To say otherwise is beyond ridiculous. Dean Tucker has been working and advocating for the poor for longer than you have been on the planet. It is disrespectful to call her unchristian and it is completely false.


I am sorry if that is hard for you to hear. You will outgrow the phase of believing that everything you think is correct. But it is past your bedtime and it is time for the adults to talk. 


Penny Murphy

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#302379 Victoria homelessness issues

Posted by aastra on 26 February 2016 - 11:04 AM

Just so this whole exercise wasn't a complete waste of everyone's time, can we at least agree on the big lesson that was learned? The "third world slum" model doesn't work, isn't safe, isn't clean, and actually aggravates many of the issues that need to be addressed. Whenever this model is promoted again it must be pointed out that it was a dysfunctional mess for several months on the courthouse lawn. Logic dictates that it should be a non-starter from this point forward. And it was never the sort of thing that a modern western city should have been aspiring to develop in the first place. If the idea of human beings huddled together on pallets on a muddy field floats your boat then suffice it to say, you don't have much respect for human beings.


I have a real problem with the entire premise whereby supposedly innovative solutions must = shantytowns of tents and/or doghouses. This format is undignified and uncivilized by its very nature and there are immediate hygiene and safety issues, as we've all seen. If we're going to offer free homes then we should do it right. No clumsy improvisation. The dwellings must be sited in an appropriate area and be purpose-built, safe, clean, dry and properly maintained. Anything less only perpetuates a culture of indignity. That culture of indignity might be politically useful to some people but for the vast majority of us it's no good for anything.

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#301969 [Burnside Gorge] Selkirk Waterfront Community | Built - completed in 2015

Posted by HB on 24 February 2016 - 07:19 AM


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#361618 Victoria homelessness issues

Posted by Sparky on 15 January 2017 - 06:52 AM

There is a faction of our society that spends an enormous amount of time and money attempting to save lost souls by enabling. I think they mean well (at least in the beginning) but does enabling bad behavior solve the behavioral problem?


I have often said that the definition of a socialist is someone that has nothing and wants to share it with everyone. Safe injection sites go far beyond that in my opinion.


First of all it is my belief that possession of a controlled substance (read narcotics) is against the law. Why is that I wonder? Secondly, trafficking in narcotics is also against the law. Now I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that there is a high number of addicts that are not gainfully employed and require money to purchase drugs. I am going to go further out on that limb and suggest that "some" addicts resort to stealing in order to pay for their drugs. Stealing is also against the law.


So I have this to say to the faction of our society that insists on enabling the behavior that I have referred to above.


Mind your own business.


You are destroying our downtown by enabling behavior that the rest of society abhors. This behavior is illegal. It should be prosecuted, and these poor souls should be institutionalized, taken care of, and treated.


Stop trying to normalize crime. This is what normalizing crime looks like in Vancouver, and it's not solving the problem, it's making life worse for everyone affected by this disease. Don't let this happen in Victoria.


Safe Injection.jpg

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#361505 Victoria homelessness issues

Posted by HB on 14 January 2017 - 10:42 AM

The reason I decided to film these scenes is that I wanted to shock people in decision making capacities to do something about it.

Seeing it this way forces people to see that there is an issue here. Its not words on a newspaper describing it and its not the local news broadcaster mentioning it with their smiley face on the 6pm news.

This is something that mainstream media is too scared to film, its not newsworthy to them perhaps because its normal.

I also thought it was important for people outside of the downtown core to see what is taking place.

I see elderly ,families, women, children, students and business men and women walking by these gauntlets filth and crime everyday.

I don't like having to walk past this stuff and really feel bad for others that are forced too as well.

This City needs to act ...they are so focused on bus lanes, bike lanes and public art that they are not seeing what this city has turned into

Lisa Helps is on CFAX each Friday afternoon for an open phone segment. I urge as many people as possible to take advantage of this opportunity to call her on it and interrogate her about what these video show. She has been pussy footing around the issue.  I know for certain that she has seen the videos


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#361064 Victoria homelessness issues

Posted by A Girl is No one on 11 January 2017 - 09:57 PM

Some words from an addictions counselor with 25 years of experience:


"In reality, addicts need their loved ones to make it as uncomfortable as possible for them to remain in their active addiction. If you have an addict in your life, this is actually the most loving thing you can do for them, because it holds them to a higher standard and encourages them to take responsibility for themselves. The more we inappropriately behave as caretakers for people who can -- and should -- be taking care of themselves, the less belief they'll have in their own resiliency and capabilities. The addiction will go on and on, usually just becoming more entrenched over time because addiction is a progressive condition that needs to be halted. In other words, if you love an addict, you need to stop enabling their unhealthy life choices in order to see any meaningful change happen."
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#348527 Victoria homelessness issues

Posted by Awaiting Juno on 10 November 2016 - 09:05 AM

I hate to say it, but I question why anyone would place children downtown to begin with. I used to have one of my children in daycare downtown but found a needle in the playground. That was enough for me.


I'm a parent with a child in a daycare "downtown".  Why would anyone do it?  Because, if I get a call from the daycare, I can be there within 10 minutes.  Because it's where I work - because I have every right to be downtown, as does my child, and we cannot let downtown be taken as a place not appropriate for children, or those not addicted.  Further, should my children stay in the public system - Central Middle School is their catchment school.  Christ church school is also an exceptional school - both of which were there long before our current epidemic of drug use and abuse.  So are we now going to be building new schools to accommodate the displacement of children impacted so that downtown can continue its slide into a kind of "no man's" land?  Downtown needs to be safe - it is the economic heart of the community.    

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#311184 The Victoria crime thread

Posted by David Bratzer on 21 April 2016 - 01:48 PM

Today the BC Human Rights Tribunal issued its decision in my case: Bratzer v. Victoria Police Department (No. 3).
The decision is a victory for employee rights in British Columbia. Here is a brief summary of key points:
• The Tribunal determined that employers have a duty to accommodate the political beliefs of employees (paragraph 323).
• The Tribunal recognized that the protection offered by the Code for political belief includes not only the belief itself but also the manner of expression (paragraphs 274 and 276).
• The Tribunal ruled that employers cannot force their employees to ask for permission in advance of expressing their political beliefs (paragraph 401).
• The Tribunal recognized the right of police officers to participate in political advocacy and in the affairs of a political party (paragraphs 321 and 386).
• The Tribunal found the actions of Chief Jamie Graham (retired) were motivated by his antipathy toward “left wingers” (paragraphs 122, 123, 218, 220, 223, 224, 349, 320, 350, 351, 394 and 424).
• VicPD has been ordered to pay $20,000 for injury to dignity, the highest ever award for a political belief case in Canada (paragraphs 437 and 438).
It’s been a long road. Thank you to my family, colleagues and friends for all their support. I enjoy Vibrant Victoria and I'm looking forward to participating more now.

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#298781 [Downtown Victoria] Victoria Plaza Hotel (aka Monty's) Redevelopment | Co...

Posted by HB on 03 February 2016 - 08:01 PM

IMG_0066.JPG IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0069.JPG IMG_0071.JPG IMG_0100.JPG IMG_0177.JPG IMG_0181.JPG IMG_0182.JPG IMG_0194.JPG IMG_0200.JPG

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#284209 [Downtown Victoria] Era | Condos | 15-storeys | Built - completed in 2015

Posted by HB on 05 November 2015 - 10:39 PM

Full Size and Scale Model


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#273124 Ogden Point and Victoria cruise ship industry news / issues

Posted by HB on 27 August 2015 - 10:58 PM

Aug 27 2015


I really enjoy experimenting with true time lapse


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#248195 Target stores in Victoria

Posted by Rob Randall on 04 February 2015 - 08:00 PM

Unlike Zellers, which always looked like a bomb just went off, Target is immaculate. I was there last night and the staff outnumbered the customers. Not a single item was askew or out of place. A couple of small sections were roped off and it looked like some areas like kids clothing had been downsized but nothing drastic. I just couldn't help thinking was a colossal waste this all was. I was getting depressed just thinking about it. It's so much fresher, brighter and more attractive than Zellers ever hoped to be. The store is practically brand new. And now it's all going to be torn apart.

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#244866 [James Bay] Crystal Court Motel site | Unknown plans

Posted by aastra on 10 January 2015 - 01:34 PM

Re: this property, I'm running out of patience for the "sensitive location" stuff. If it's such an extremely delicate/sensitive location, why was a mundane little motel never an issue for all those decades? How come the mundane little hotel didn't wreak the (undefined) harm that we're all supposed to be dreading whenever somebody proposes to do something interesting on the same site? And why isn't the abandoned motel a major issue now? Surely an abandoned motel should just be oozing that terrible whatever-it-is all over Victoria's various landmark properties? And how come nobody cares about the negative impact of that craptastic bus station on the other corner? It isn't oozing, it's gushing. And it's been gushing for decades. How come nobody ever cared about the surface parking lots that dominated this ultra-sensitive district until very recently? For those who obsess about height and height only, the Hotel Grand Pacific is a fairly tall building over on the James Bay side. Has it ruined anything re: Victoria's landmark properties and transition and all of that?


I'm not just being a jerk, I'm seriously posing the question. What exactly are we supposed to be worried about? Several significant developments have occurred in the immediate vicinity in the past 20 years or so. Each one of them was supposed to ruin Victoria. None of them ruined Victoria. Crappy properties are slowly but surely being eliminated. The area is much, much nicer than it was. And yet (again) we've got a potential development that threatens to be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back. For such a supposedly sensitive camel, its back seems to be damn strong, I have to say.

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